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"BUTMIR" d.o.o. Sarajevo was founded in the year 1990.
Mr. Hasibovic Hussein, the architect, is a founder.

The principal activities of 
"BUTMIR" d.o.o. are: design, construction and engineering.

Today, 18 years later, "BUTMIR" d.o.o. is also majority owner of DOM SPI Inc.

Main activity of the company covers almost all types of construction works, making design project documentation, consulting and implementation of most complicated facilities in the field of construction.

With a team of experienced engineers and modern equipment, following the contemporary achievements in science and technology,
"BUTMIR" d.o.o. is ready to realize every project.

Area of activity includes:

•    Engineering, contracting and consulting,
•    Design bureau,
•    Building construction ,
•    Skyscraper construction,
•    Deep excavation protection pits and deep foundations,
•    Residential buildings construction for the market and
•    Infrastructure...

Termal Riviera, Ilidža

The Corporate power is in personnel, starting from laborers, foremen, engineers, to specifically administrative board - company’s Managers.

Basic principle in business is to meet the demands of our investors and perform it with high quality, professional employees, and with latest machinery and equipment.
Confirmation of our strong and successful struggle for a high quality business is achieving ISO 9001-2000 certificate for quality in design, construction and engineering, with which we became the first construction company in BiH with high recognition for the quality of works.

"BUTMIR" d.o.o. became known in the market due to its strategy of prestige based on the high quality of construction works, respect of deadlines and commitments of professionalism, so today it represents one of the leading construction companies in the country and the region.

Our plans for the future are related to further development and expansion of markets in the region.

Download ISO 9001:2000 (753 KB)

Apartments for sale
Butmir and Dom SPI, Sarajevo currently offers homes, offices and underground parking at two locations in Sarajevo. In the municipality of Novo Sarajevo, and in the most beautiful location of Ilidža, the Mala Aleja.


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